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Meet Our Corporate Customer Service Staff

My career in the printing industry has been very challenging and rewarding. Sterling has been my home away from home since February 2000. I am looking forward to many more years here! My life outside of Sterling is my family. My husband and I have a son who just started Kindergarten! He definitely keeps us on our toes! I also have an eight year old sister, five nieces and one nephew. We enjoy lots of family dinners, play dates and camping.
Nicole Walters
Corporate Customer Service Manager • 1-800-759-3676 ext. 7924 • nicole@sbfnet.com

I have been in the customer service field for 14 years, 8 of them with Sterling. I could not imagine doing anything different. It is all I know. I enjoy helping my customers every day! I have an 11 year old son that is my life outside of work. We enjoy summer barbecues, camping and anything to get us outdoors.
Jessica Helling
Corporate Customer Service Representative • 1-800-759-3676 ext. 7928 • jessica@sbfnet.com

I have worked in customer service going on 8 years now and have been with Sterling since 2014. My son just started Kindergarten and keeps me very busy. When I am not working you will usually find me outside at the river or lake with my family and friends.
Danielle Denton
Corporate Customer Service Representative • 1-800-759-3676 ext. 7929 • danielle@sbfnet.com

I've been in customer service for 15 years. Working at Sterling I love the personal interaction we have with our customers. Having that now, I couldn't imagine doing customer service any other way. Away from work I spend as much time as I can with friends and family, usually over a good meal and a great movie.
Amber Morgan
Corporate Customer Service Representative • 1-800-759-3676 ext. 7921 • amber@sbfnet.com

I have been with Sterling Business Forms for over a decade in the order entry department. I have just recently transferred over to the customer service department. I am very much looking forward to using all of the experience I learned in my history of working in retail to help you out with any challenge. I am perfectly comfortable sitting at home on a Saturday evening and enjoying it with my husband of over 20 years and our 2 cats that we have adopted from the Humane Society.
DeAnna Askew
Corporate Customer Service Representative • 1-800-759-3676 ext. 7927 • deanna@sbfnet.com

I have worked in Customer Service for over three years now. Sterling has challenged me to grow as I learn new skills every day. I could not imagine doing Customer Service anywhere else. Outside of work, my world revolves around my son who will be two years old soon. We love to go on hikes, spend time at the park, bike rides and visiting friends and family.
Kayla Houser
Corporate Customer Service Representative • 1-800-759-3676 ext. 7923 • kayla@sbfnet.com